Children’s CD Status Post

Allo All!

I’m needing a place to keep track of my children’s CD. As songs get finished, I’ll update it here! I might have more, I might have less. I’ll update as I go along. I’m hoping to get this thing done before December. Considering I’m also doing Nanowrimo, things may get a bit hectic. *sigh*

Oh, and if you’ve noticed that all I’ve done is just write lyrics and not one lick of music, you’re right.

Tentative Title – Binary for Babies

  1. Binary For Babies – Music by Mike Skliar [done]
  2. Narwhal Pet – Music by Erin Morgan[done]
  3. !backwards is song This – Music by Sen-Foong Lim[done]
  4. I Like to be Loud – Music by Charlie Cheney [done]
  5. Bad Idea – Music by Mike Skliar [done]
  6. Pirate Birthday Song Sing Along – Music by Billy Sea [done]
  7. AT-AT’s in the Snow – Music by Mike Skliar [done]
  8. Sing Together - Music by Nancy Rost & Hoopshank [done]
  9. Chicken on a Stick – Words by Jocelyn[done]
  10. Moon is a Whale – completely by Mike Skliar [done]
  11. Jabberwocky Song – Music by Mark James [done]
  12. My Sister Turned Teenager – completely by Hugh Johnston [done]
  13. I’m Just Me – Music by Billy Sea [done]
  14. Caterpillar Ghost – Music by Deborah Linden [done]
  15. My Dad Snores – Music by Tyler Goen [done]
  16. Geek Love Song v1.3 – Sung by Zoe [done]



  2. You’re so funny, Charlie. *laugh*

  3. hi Errol! what would you say is the age range for the CD? I have three grandchildren, 6, 3 and 1 1/2 (the last two are in the same family). Please let me know which one(s) your CD would be good for, and sign me up!!
    can’t wait, looking forward to it!
    abundant blessings, Victoria