FilKONtario 20! I’m going!

So, I’m going to FilKONtario this weekend. It’s my first time. FilKONtario is a Science Fiction and Fantasy Music Convention. I learned about it from and immediately thought, “I HAVE TO GO!”

They have a bunch of fun, songwriting contests too, so I am hoping to enter them. Their first one is to write a song about Time Travel. After thinking about it for a while, I thought it would be neat to write a song that when played backwards, it would accompany itself. I didn’t know how hard this would be, but hey, I’ve crashed and burned many times. I wouldn’t let a little thing like utter failure stop me.

I needed a theme and I thought I could write how I broke my time machine. After pondering it for a bit, I came up against a snag. I wanted it to play forward, and then I when I activated the ‘time machine’, it would play in reverse and accompany itself. But… I couldn’t get that to work and make sense. I scrapped that idea.

Then I thought about an evil twin! Like in Star Trek’s “Mirror Mirror”. But instead of evil, the guy just travels backwards in time. And we write a song together. I quickly wrote out some words and started working on the tune. It was hard. Timing a song going backwards doesn’t work the way I thought it would. I thought “8th notes should just sound normal!” Well, it doesn’t. After much instrument and drum switching, melody scrapping, and sound simplification, I finished the song! HUZZAH!

And then I made a video. Ugh. I thought I had it on just three takes. But when I brought it into Premiere, I realized I changed to the other side of the table on the wrong line of the verse. AAAARRRGHHH. So I had to redo the video again, and it took me another 10 takes to get it right. I tried not to look at the words as much, so I kept screwing up. And everytime I screwed up, I had to drink more juice. By the end of that video, I was leaking mango juice through my pores.

But it’s done! Huzzah! I don’t think it’s the type of song they’re looking for, but it was such a fun concept that I had to try it! So I give you:

Time Reverse Dimensional Twin


  1. Thanks for coming to FKO–your songs were a hoot, and I hope to see you at more filk conventions in the future. (You might have spotted me there–I was one of about 50 aging overweight guys with a beard and glasses, but I was the one playing an assortment of ukuleles and dulcimers and sometimes singing FAWM songs).

  2. It was great to meet you at FKO this past weekend. I hope we’ll see you again at more conventions. I really enjoyed the song you wrote for the contest and hope to hear more of your works soon.
    Take care,