Allo! My name is Errol!

I write geek love songs to my wife, as well as geek love notes to her.

I am pretentious enough to make my own web page because I can. There is no requirement for awesomeness to being on the internets. Which is good, because  I suck the awesome out of the universe.

The songs I write are works in progress. I sometimes ask others to help me, and then I redo them if people give me suggestions. I should put version numbers on my songs.

I also like to create a lot of other things that no one cares about, like stop motion and novels, which I may list here.

I could put a whole wack of other things about me in this about page, but I’m getting bored writing it, let alone you reading it.¬† So I’ll stop.

These are the people I sing or play with. I owe them my greatest thanks. Pics coming soon.

bio_debsDeborah Linden
She’s the one that got me started on all of this. I wrote one song, and then she encouraged me to write more. And I did. So you can blame her. But she listens to every one of my songs as I constantly talk about them like a little kid and tells me she thinks they’re awesome. So she’s wonderful!

bio_vixVictoria Anisman-Reiner
I’m finally to a point where I can spell her whole name. She has no equipment so she comes and sings at my house. She is great at encouraging me and will sing anything with me!

Mark James

Mark James
I refer to him as my guitarist. We go out for lunch every week and sometimes he takes me to guitar stores and I don’t know what we’re looking at. He is very detailed when it comes to guitar songs and he talks about things that go over my head. But he’s a great guitarist and my songs are richer for it, even if my singing drags em down to a cheesy 80′s pop song.

Andrew Skivington
He only drums on one song, but he is my drummer whether he wants to be or not. Whenever we play together, women scream the loudest at him. I would use him more in my songs if he wasn’t so busy. I think he needs to get a mac.

bio_doveDove (aka Keren)
My wife. The main reason I write songs. A beautiful woman whom I cannot say enough about, so just listen to the songs. Well, actually, the songs just talk about how lame I am. So… I guess that’s not good. Maybe you can check her out where she works: Sanctuary.