FAWM 2010

February Album Writing Month 2010

All these songs were written and recorded in one month. That should explain a lot. Here are some demos. There were others. I don’t know where they are though.

30 Seconds - Errol (I am impatient)

All About The Boys - Errol & Joceyln (I sing falsetto. Nasty.)

All About The Droids - Errol (Parody of above song)

Bus Went By - Negasi, Everett and Errol (Negasi’s Randomness)

Can I See You Tonight - Billy Sea and Errol (I sing doo-wops)

Could Be Worse - Expendable Friend & Errol (My only serious song)

Donaudampfschifffahrtsgesellschaftskapitan - Karan and Errol (Awesomeness)

Eyes of Tears - Errol (I’m not sensitive)

I Wish Totoro Was My Neighbour - Robyn & Errol (Mutual love of Miyazaki)

Not Just For Mornings - Errol (I like Cereal)

Pieces of Me - Jules, Errol and Kermy (Yet another Big Band Attempt)

Soul In The Bottle - Mike Skliar & Errol (Surprising Mike still collabs with me!)

Surrounds - Mal & Errol (It’s about Asteroids)

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