My Partner’s A Nerd

My Parnter's A Nerd CD Cover

I like writing geek lyrics, so I took some popular songs and did a Weird Al on them. Maybe not as creative, but I had fun. This was my first foray into actually recording myself. I called a few friends to help me with these songs. I begged Deborah Linden to sing “Virtual World” with me, and then got her to sing “My Partner’s A Nerd”. Finally I made Victoria Anisman-Reiner sing two songs with me because I needed more people to sing with. Thanks guys! I had a lot of fun.

A Virtual World - Deborah Linden & Errol (Parody – A Whole New World)

Buy Me Harvest Moon - Errol (Parody – Fly Me To The Moon)

Commodore 64 - Errol (Parody – Ol’ Time Rock and Roll)

Online Chats - Victoria Anisman-Reiner & Errol (Parody – Summer Nights)

Don't Go Stalking My Wall - Victoria Anisman-Reiner & Errol (Parody – Don’t Go Breaking My Heart)

My Partner's A Nerd - Deborah Linden (Parody – Part Of Your World)

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