Geek Love Songs 2.0

GLS 2.0 Album Cover

My wife turned 40. So I decided to re-release my Geek Love Songs album, and add a few more songs.

I then invited every person I could and I had to keep it quiet that I planned on putting a concert on as her birthday present. Fortunately, she was surprised by the concert! I was a happy guy.

Here is the finished product made in my living room, as well as a few songs in Andrew’s basement. I also needed to add in a song I did with Jeffery Rankine for FAWM 2009. I really like his guitar on there. Tyler Goen did the music for “Aware of my Ignorance” and it was a hoot to sing. You may be wondering why I have the german song in there. Well, I sang it at Sara Schneider’s wedding, and had invested enough time in learning it that I needed to do a cover! And of course, I had to have Pure Cane Lover in there because I love that song.

Download Album in zip format!

I Love You But I'm Ugly

No One Wants Me Anyway (Errol & The Dim Sums)

Hey, I Don't Care

My Pachelbel Song v1.2 (Errol & The Dim Sums)

That's The Way (8 Scary Errols)

Geek Love Song v1.2

More Than That (Errol & The Dim Sums)

I Got A Girl v1.2 (Errol & The Dim Sums)

Without You v1.2

Best I Can (Errol & The Dim Sums)

Marmour, Stein Und Eisen Bricht (Errol & The Dim Sums)

Forever And Ever, Amen (Errol & The Dim Sums)

Give All To Ya

All My Skills Are Virtual (The Epic Fails)

Aware of My Ignorance (The Cow Exchange & Errol)

Pure Cane Lover (Sugarkrew)

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