FAWM 2009

What is FAWM?

In February, people challenge themselves to write 14 songs in 28 days: February Album Writing Month. In January, of 2009, when I was trying to get the first GLS album out, I had written 3 or so songs in one month. I didn’t think I could do 14.

But then FAWM came and I immersed myself in it completely! Complete and utter fun. The spirit of FAWM is to write music, and I explored different styles and genres I never would have. Most of the songs are pretty rough, and a lot don’t make any sense. But then, that’s me.

However, the greatest opportunity was doing collaborations. I think I only had about 8 or 9 songs on just my own. But then the other 20 or so were with other people! It was great! I listened to so much music, I wrote more songs than I ever though possible. It was great!

So, if you ever want to try FAWM out, go for it. February. Mark it on your calendars.


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