Binary For Babies

I Made A Children’s CD back in 2009.

I still need to fix a few of the songs.

Binary for Babies

  1. Binary For Babies – Music By Mike Skliar
  2. Narwhal Song – Music by Erin Morgan
  3. !backwards is song This – Music by Sen-Foong Lim
  4. I Like to be Loud – Music by Charlie Cheney
  5. Bad Idea – Music by Mike Skliar
  6. Pirate Birthday Song Sing Along – Music by Billy Sea
  7. AT-ATs In The Snow – Music by Mike Skliar
  8. Sing Together - Music by Nancy Rost & Hoopshank
  9. Chicken On A Stick – Words by Jocelyn
  10. Moon is a Whale – completely by Mike Skliar
  11. Jabberwocky Song – Music by Mark James
  12. My Sister Turned Teenager – completely by Hugh Johnston
  13. I’m Just Me – Music by Billy Sea
  14. Caterpillar Ghost – Music by Deborah Linden
  15. My Dad Snores – Music by Tyler Goen
  16. Geek Love Song v1.3 – Sung by Zoe

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